10 good reasons not to go on vacation at the same time as everyone else

vacation at the same time

The holidays for most families are modeled on the dates of the children’s school holidays. Result ? Everyone goes on vacation at the same time. What if you, who may not be in this case, choose to go off-season?

Reason #1: You save money

When you go out of season, you benefit from many promotional offers from tour operators. Rates are much lower than during school holidays and there is much more availability in hotels and accommodation.

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Reason n°2: you are quiet

The advantage of going on vacation off-season is that you avoid the crowds that invade the mountains in winter and the beach in summer. If you are looking for tranquility, it is better to leave when the vacationers come home. Find out all the same about the climatic conditions because if everyone goes to the mountains in winter, it is for a reason! And if you are looking for sunshine in December , nothing prevents you from going abroad!

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Reason #3: You don’t put up with other people’s children

If going on vacation with your children is a real pleasure for parents, supporting other people’s children can be much less pleasant, especially for the eardrums. Out of season, the children are at school and not in the hotel swimming pools!

Reason #4: You’re putting your office files in order

If you’re staying in the office while all of your co-workers are on vacation, now’s the perfect time to get your files in order. No noise, no incessant phone calls, no colleagues who come to interrupt you… Paradise at work! It’s also a great time to move on and leave with peace of mind in September when all your colleagues are back.

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Reason #5: You enjoy a cool month of August

In the summer, businesses slow down, employees go on vacation, orders are fewer and meetings are postponed until the start of the school year. This is the best time to relax at work and release some pressure . You can even afford to reduce your hours and give yourself lunch breaks worthy of the name!

Reason 6: you are (almost) beginning to appreciate transport

In summer, schools are closed, many employees are on vacation and road traffic is therefore much less dense. No more traffic jams, crowded subways and crowded parking spaces. You arrive at work in a good mood and early!

Reason n°7: you offer yourself a more authentic holiday

When you go on an off-season vacation, you avoid mass tourism and end up with the locals. It is easier to meet local people and learn about their traditions. They are also generally more relaxed and open and have more time for you in shops and restaurants.

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Reason 8: you avoid traffic jams

In addition to benefiting from reduced road traffic where you live (unless you live in a tourist area!), you also avoid holiday traffic jams when you leave before or after everyone else. Highways have normal traffic and rest areas are not saturated.

Reason #9: You have an envious tan

If you want your tan to get noticed, going on an off-season vacation is the best way to get noticed. What could be more infuriating than seeing a friend come back from vacation with a golden tan in the middle of March? The whole thing is then to properly maintain your pretty tan !

Reason #10: You don’t bow to the dictatorship of the weather

If your goal is to rest and visit a tourist spot, the temperatures don’t matter . No need to take advantage of hot temperatures to walk the streets and visit museums. On the contrary: temperatures that are too high tend to make your walk unpleasant. Lovers of cultural holidays, going out of season is ideal for you!

If you want fresh air and calm, plan your stay during the off-peak season. It will cost you less and you will enjoy it a lot more!



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