For Sale: Three of the Most Extraordinary 80-foot Yachts

8à - Princess No Curfew

The 80-foot yacht category occupies a unique position within the yachting industry, being widely recognised as the entry point into the domain of superyachts. 70- to 80-foot yachts are typically furnished with three to four staterooms and designated crew accommodations, making them well-suited for extended voyages at sea and hosting large gatherings. Although these yachts are on the larger side, they continue to provide an assortment of opulent amenities, such as spacious indoor salons, ample cockpit spaces for socialising, comfortable bow seating, well-appointed galleys, and hydraulic swim platforms that enable effortless enjoyment of the open waters. Although purchasing an 80-foot yacht entails a more intricate product selection process and greater complexity, particularly in comparison to smaller yachts (below 60 feet), it is unquestionably a prudent investment for proprietors desiring to savour their time at sea to the fullest.In the following selection, we showcase three outstanding vessels measuring 80 feet or more, each of which has been carefully chosen to manifest your yachting ambitions. 

Milos Milu’ | Arcadia | 85’/25.9m | €4,500,000 | 2019

Milu’, measuring 85′ (25.91m) in length, effortlessly merges elegant aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, serving as a remarkable illustration of Arcadia Yachts’ ability to innovate. Milu’, which was delivered to her initial proprietor in 2019, is comprised of a GRP hull measuring 7.14m in beam, 1.66m in draft, and 109 GT in internal volume. The interior, which was conceptualised by Francesco Guida Design, features an elegant four-stateroom configuration that can accommodate a maximum of eight visitors in addition to providing quarters for a crew of four. In addition to being designed by Francesco Guida Design, her daring, eye-catching exterior complements her modern interior. Milu’, which is propelled by two MAN diesel engines, has a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots; at 12 knots, it has a range of 850 nautical miles. Milu’ is presently for sale in Campania for a price of €4,500,000. 

Princess Yachts No Curfew | 85’/25.91m | 2009 | $2,595,000

The 85′ No Curfew, which was recently refitted in 2022, was constructed by the British shipyard Princess Yachts in 2009 and delivered to her first owner. She is 25.91 metres in length, has a beam of 6.3 metres, a draft of 1.65 metres, and an internal volume of 104 GT; she is constructed entirely of GRP. Her enduring exterior design, crafted by Bernard Olesinski, seamlessly merges sophistication and functionality. She is equipped with a tastefully appointed four-stateroom layout, providing lodging for a maximum of eight visitors and guaranteeing an opulent and comfortable sojourn. Princess Yachts has recently renovated the interior design of the full-beam master cabin and dressing area, which are two of her most notable attributes. Capable of traversing diverse coastlines, she maintains a cruising speed of 22 knots and a maximum speed of 27 knots. At this time, No Curfew, situated in Florida, is being offered for purchase for $2,595,000.

Day Dreamin’ | 85’/25.91m | Azimut Yachts | 2007 | $1,395,000

A prime example of sophisticated yachting, Azimut Yachts’ 85′ Day Dreamin’ was delivered to her original owner in 2007. The GRP hull of this Italian-manufactured yacht measures 25.91 metres in length, 1.88 metres in beam, 0.6 metres in draft, and 80 GT in internal volume. Day Dreamin’ features a contemporary interior by Galeazzi Design and a timeless exterior by Stefano Righini Design, achieving the ideal equilibrium between style and functionality. With four luxuriously appointed staterooms and quarters for up to three crew members, she provides an opulent and comfortable experience for eight visitors. Day Dreamin’, which is powered by twin MTU engines, travels at a comfortable 24 knots and has a maximum speed of 29 knots. At this time, she is a Florida-based property that is being offered for $1,395,000. 



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