Six Great Winter Accessories For Outdoorsy Individuals

portable and lightweight

The festive season is a wonderful time of year to show friends and family that you care with a special gift. While some may interpret the term special to mean expensive, this certainly isn’t the case and many will actually prefer a gift that appeals to their personal interests.

For those who might be considered outdoorsy individuals, the friends and family members who prefer to be outdoors rather than inside and are never as happy as when they’re conquering an environmental challenge, there are a number of great gifts that can support their connection with nature and help to keep them enjoying the outdoors, even during winter.

Trail Shoes

Being active generally means being on your feet often, especially for those who enjoy hiking. As such, individuals are likely to always value a high-quality pair of trail shoes. While many will be over the moon to simply receive a new pair of comfortable trainers, there are certain designs that embrace the aesthetic and colors of various landscapes, which is perfect for those that love specific regions, such as woodland or desert. There are also shoes that are made entirely from recycled materials, making them perfect for the eco-conscious too.

Coffee Equipment

Whether to enjoy a blissful respite or to help warm the body on a cold excursion, a cup of coffee is always a welcome addition to an outdoor adventure. This is why coffee equipment, that which is portable and lightweight, can be a brilliant gift. The Aeropress remains, for its simple design and high-quality coffee output, one of the most popular accessories for outdoorsy folk who don’t want to be without their coffee.

Dry Pouch

The winter season means harsh weather conditions and it can often be a struggle to get oneself out of the door when the forecast is poor. However, with the right accessories, the weather is an easily overcome hurdle. The waterproof dry pouch is one of the most essential items, helping to keep equipment safe and dry whether individuals are heading out for a trip to the beach or a long camping weekend.


Hiking during the winter is a little more dangerous than during the summer as the terrain often becomes more treacherous. To navigate cold, wet, and even icy surfaces, microspikes should be used, giving hikers and climbers the friction to go further and travel safely.


There is the often-used joke that to receive socks for Christmas is to be disappointed. However, outdoorsy individuals are the exception to this rule. Socks are, for those who are regularly active outdoors, remarkably useful and every cyclist, runner, and climber knows the value of a thick pair of socks on a cold day, especially if they are breathable by design too.

Portable Battery

Traveling outdoors and enjoying winter landscapes comes with its own challenges for which smart devices have been immensely useful. Mobile phones, GPS trackers, and even smart watches each offer a number of safety benefits to individuals, helping them to navigate landscapes and maintain contact with civilization. The only drawback is the need for battery power. As individuals make increasing use of their devices, a portable battery becomes an ever more valued asset.



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