Unraveling the Mysteries of Mount Kailash An Exhilarating Tour via Simikot and Tibet Over


Nestled within Tibet’s remote, untrodden expanses lies a mountain that has captured the imaginations of spiritual seekers and adventurous travellers alike. Mount Kailash, an awe-inspiring black rock edifice soaring over 22,000 feet into the sky, is more than just another mountain. It embodies the mysteries of ancient myths, a spiritual epicentre, and a challenging trek, all wrapped into one.


For those yearning for an authentic experience that intertwines spiritual immersion with raw adventure, embarking on the Kailash tour via Simikot and Tibet Overland is the path to take. And now, with guaranteed departures every Saturday from Kathmandu, the journey has never been more accessible.

Kailash via Simikot: A Spiritual Commencement

The journey to Kailash is as much about the path as the destination. From Kathmandu, the Nepali capital, travellers get whisked to the charming town of Simikot, nestled amidst the Humla district’s hills. This route, far less travelled than others, offers a sober view of Nepal’s hinterland beauty, from terraced farms to rustic hamlets.

Simikot also serves as the gateway to the ancient Limi Valley, where time seems to stand still. It’s an unparalleled start to the journey, allowing travellers to soak in the region’s spiritual energy, an ideal intro to the Kailash experience starting from Simikot.

Overland Adventure via Tibet

From Simikot, the journey winds into Tibet. If Simikot is the intro, Tibet’s vast expanse serves as the crescendo of this pilgrimage. Traversing this land feels like treading through pages of a history book, where tales of ancient dynasties, timeless monasteries, and profound spirituality leap out at every turn.

Our overland route passes through places like Kerung, an enchanting Tibetan town, and Saga, where the pristine waters of Lake Manasarovar await. As per Hindu mythology, this lake was created by Lord Brahma’s mind, offering the traveller a glimpse into its spiritual significance.

Mount Kailash: The Pinnacle of Devotion

Standing at the foot of Mount Kailash, one can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of reverence. This isn’t just a peak; it’s the axis mundi, the world’s centre in various beliefs. Whether you are a devout pilgrim or a curious traveller, performing the kora (circumambulation) around this holy mountain is said to wash away the sins of a lifetime.

But beyond the spiritual, the journey is also a testament to human endurance. The trek, fraught with challenges, rewards with views that are, without a doubt, some of the most ethereal on the planet.

An Experience for the Soul

Returning from Kailash, the transformation is palpable. It’s a journey that satiates the wanderlust and ignites the soul. It’s about realizing that in the vastness of these landscapes, we find reflections of our inner selves.

And now, with the convenience of group departures from Kathmandu via Kerung every Saturday, the path to this spiritual Mecca is open to all. It’s not just a journey; it’s an awakening. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, adventure, or both, Mount Kailash via Simikot and Tibet Overland beckons you with open arms.

Embark on this life-altering journey and uncover the mysteries that have enticed saints, sages, and travellers for millennia. The enigma of Mount Kailash awaits. Are you ready?



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