Getting organized to go camping


Take your vacation to go camping

For a person in active life, the first step in preparing for his vacation is to take his leave. For an employee, his employer must be informed in advance so that he can adapt the organization of the company. An entrepreneur is freer in his schedule, but he must still warn his customers and collaborators of his absence.

Block dates in advance

Planning your vacation several months in advance has certain advantages. When you go with several people, everyone must agree on the dates of the holidays . Depending on the professional situation, this may take longer or shorter. For a family with children, the school calendar must also be taken into account.

Determining the dates of your stay early in the year also makes it possible to contact campsites more quickly. We are then sure to have a place to camp in the area we have chosen. Campsites can easily be full closer to departure, especially if the trip is in high season .

Choose the time of year

It is not mandatory to wait for the summer to take a vacation if you have availability at another time of the year. A family with children can take advantage of a few days during other school holidays. And if you don’t have children, you are free to organize yourself as you wish.

The best time to go camping depends on your desires and your needs. The advantage of camping in low season is that prices can drop by up to 50%! Find out all the same: some campsites are not open all year round. You can also decide to take your family camping in Australia in the winter.. Traveling abroad gives the possibility of freeing oneself from the cycle of the seasons. But in this case, we do not necessarily benefit from lower prices.

Choose your camping mode

Before thinking about how to organize yourself to go camping, it is important to think about the type of stay you are looking for. If you are going with family or friends, do not hesitate to talk about it together and write a list of your common criteria.

What camping experience?

It is therefore important to explore all the options available, and to follow your desires. This decision will have a definite impact on the budget to be planned (rental price, activities). If you want to discover a foreign country (USA, Croatia…), don’t forget to bring a travel guide. This will allow you to better understand the accommodation options .

What type of accommodation?

Camping is no longer just about pitching the tent for the children and sleeping in the motorhome for the parents. Campsites now offer a wide variety of rental accommodation , such as:

Some even offer to spend the night in atypical accommodation , such as a yurt or a teepee. The price of the stay will depend on the type of accommodation and its level of comfort. If you are going as a group, remember to take everyone’s budget into account.

Create your camping route

If you opt for a nomadic camping experience , you will need to create your route. To do this, you can use an application, a GPS or bring a map and a pen.

Camping while hiking

To go camping while hiking , it is important to find out in advance, especially in a foreign country. A practical hiking guide, or the “Travel advice” section of the France Diplomatie site are good sources of information.

List the possible stages according to the water points and authorized camping sites. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to seek advice on a camping forum . Seasoned campers will be delighted to share their tips with you.

Camping on a road trip

If you are going by motor home or car, you will also need to plan your route taking into account:

  • your safety and that of your vehicle;
  • the location of petrol stations on the road;
  • the safety rules to be observed depending on the country;
  • the points of interest where you want to stop;
  • authorized sites for parking and pitching the tent.

Whether you’re going on an adventure to Australia, Spain or France, it’s important to plan your trip well . This will take a weight off you and you will be able to fully enjoy your road trip once started!

Book a place in a campsite

For those who prefer classic campsites, you will have to reserve a place to pitch the tent or park the caravan. Choosing a camping destination is not an easy task. Several factors must be taken into account: the desired geographical area or the activities offered.

Choose the environment that suits you

Above all, campers seek contact with nature . But not everyone has to go to the beach. You can of course enjoy the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean during your stay. But settling near a lake, a particular tourist site or in deep nature can be just as pleasant.

Compare offers

To find the destination of your dreams , no secret: you have to compare the offers. Find out about the specific features and services offered by each campsite. If you are a family with children, involve them in the research, it is also their journey. Finally, do not hesitate to contact the establishments for practical information or clarification.

Book in advance or at the last minute?

It is always advisable to make reservations in advance . This allows in particular to choose its location to pitch the tent. If you get there too late, you risk being relegated to the most remote locations, or not getting a seat at all.

If you choose to rent accommodation on site (mobile home, chalet) for your family, this is all the more true. However, it is always possible to find last minute offers . The choice is more limited, but you can always find good opportunities.

If you plan on taking an RV for your camping trip, make sure you are prepared for any medical emergencies with the tips below.

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