The 15 countries to visit absolutely in the world in 2023

visit absolutely in the world

In 2022, take the direction of the most beautiful countries to visit. Visit these attractive cities, islands, countries full of culture and history.

This year 2022 could well be more fruitful in terms of tourism than the two previous years. Indeed, health restrictions are easing in the different countries of the world , hotels are ready to welcome tourists and travelers from all over the world have only one desire: to go and visit the most beautiful countries in the world .

Want a breath of fresh air, discover our list of the 15 countries to visit absolutely in the world in 2022.


In 2022, book your vacation and discover Egypt. Credit: iStock

In 2022, one of the trendiest travel destinations is Egypt . This North African country is increasingly popular for its magnificent landscapes. Of course, Egypt is a country known for its grandiose pyramids , but not only. The country is full of charming cities such as Hurghada , nestled on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea, or Aswan , the southernmost city in Egypt. For cultural or historical holidays , discover Egypt, this African country full of surprises.

Dubai is a hot destination in 2022.

If there is a trendy destination in 2022 , it is Dubai  ! This city of the United Arab Emirates is famous for its impressive architecture , its luxury hotels and shops , its unusual activities . In Dubai, you can ski in a mall, cross the desert on a quad and even find yourself on top of the world: the Burj Khalifa , the tallest tower in the world. Like this city, your trip will be insane! the tallest tower in the world. To make your trip to UAE more personalized, you can use rent a car in Dubai from Wheels on Rent. They offer luxury cars to sports cars, Vans to Limousines on rent with hassle free online booking. Like this city, your trip will be insane!


This year, discover Wales. Here Snowdonia National Park. Credit: iStock

Natural parks, wild landscapes and incredible cliffs will be part of your trip to Wales . In 2022, go visit this European country. Only an hour and a half flight from France, Wales is an economical and very exotic holiday destination . Between sea and mountains, the capital Cardiff, voted “the most sociable city in Wales” , will know how to welcome you warmly. If you need space, this is the place to go for your next trip. You can then visit over 600 castles , the hills and mountains of Wales and stunning national parks such as Snowdonia and theBrecon Beacons.


This trip can change your life. Nepal fascinates all travelers who tread its lands. Fascination and wonder will be part of your trip. More than ever in 2022, travelers around the world need optimism and wilderness . Going on vacation in Nepal, you make the choice to walk the most beautiful trails in the world, admire the highest mountains in the world and go through the toughest treks . To visit Nepal, leave between October and March . This is the driest and sunniest period. The most inadvisable period to go on a trip to Nepal is from May to September, it is the monsoon period.

New Zealand

Incredible view of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, a top destination in 2022. Credit: iStock

A trip to New Zealand is to travel through a country full of culture and history , wild nature and spectacular sites. In 2022, head to New Zealand and discover this mystical country . Between beaches and glaciers, mountains and ocean , New Zealand has not finished surprising you.


Discover Italy and the beautiful region of Lombardy in 2022. Credit: iStock

In 2022, also discover the countries of Europe. Italy, a country bordering France, is a trendy destination this year . The ideal is to take a road trip and discover all the most beautiful cities in the country. Rome , historical and cultural capital, Florence , vestige of Renaissance architecture, or even Portofino , this fishing village that has been very popular for a few years . Live the dolce vita in Italy and enjoy the heavenly places offered by Sicily , the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Italy attracts thousands of visitors every year because it is a low-cost destination,So why not you ?



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