Travel destinations without tourists

Travel destinations

Do you dream of wild places where silence reigns and of distant and enigmatic lands? Unusual, original destinations without tourists? What are the countries that will take you off the beaten track for a surprising and unique experience? In which destination should you go so as not to meet tour operator coaches at each intersection? Without going to a country at war or to an island with overpriced services?

Traveling in a country with little tourism means above all having a  responsible attitude when traveling  so as not to behave like a consumer. Over millions of square kilometres, even in the most unique and least known destinations to the general public, you know that the majority of tourists follow the same paths, take the same circuits and deal with the same intermediaries. Be smart in your itinerary and always go “further” or always stay “later”. Try alternative modes of transport and accommodation, do not draw a circuit too rigidly and do not millimeter  your route.

However, here is the list of countries that statistically break records for tourist tranquility  (2018 data)! Be careful, don’t delay because all the countries on this list, aware of their shortfall in terms of tourism, will redouble their efforts to attract crowds!

1. Antarctica

Tourism in Antarctica did not exist before 1957! It is obviously one of the places in the world where the human density is the lowest, no need to explain why… It is therefore one of the most unusual destinations, a territory still unknown to most travelers and very little explored.

 The main voyages are today made on cruise ships departing from Argentina (Ushuaia) or Chile (Punta Arenas or Port Stanley) and bound for all the coastal regions of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. . Some tourists also get there by air.

​It is also a destination that will appeal to extreme divers who want to be part of the minority who will see the seabed in this region of the world.

 The majority of the rare tourists concentrate during the summer near the Antarctic Peninsula.

2. Mongolia

For 10 years, the number of tourists visiting Mongolia has changed little. This destination remains very rare and not very touristic. Tourism in Mongolia was severely restricted by the communist government, but expanded following the 1990 democratic revolution and the collapse of the USSR.

It is a relatively unexplored travel destination that offers scenic natural features, a wide variety of untouched lunar and desert landscapes, endless remote steppes, a unique nomadic lifestyle and little-known culture. And then, camels, horses and free yaks will fascinate you!

​3. Papua

Tourism in Papua (on the Indonesian or New Guinea side) is still rare but is developing little by little. The decor is made up of wild forests, coral islands bordered by turquoise waters where the fauna and flora are infinitely varied. After the Amazon, it is in New Guinea that the largest intact tropical forest remains. A ready-made destination for travelers looking for unexplored lands cut off from the world.

 You should know that the island of New Guinea is divided into two countries: Papua New Guinea and West Papua politically attached to Indonesia. The second half (Indonesian) is much more accessible in terms of airfares and just as much (if not more) neglected by tourists. You can connect it through Indonesia unlike Papua New Guinea.

​I spent nearly 3 weeks in Papua on the Indonesian part of the island between virgin mountains and deserted islands with postcard decor. There isn’t a cat, just gentoos in the mountains and fish in the water.

​Number of international tourists per year: 190,000

4. Madagascar

Madagascar, its red lands, its baobabs, its lemurs… An island that was isolated from the African landmass for nearly 165 million years, its flora and fauna have thus evolved in isolation from this moment. Despite a strong potential for tourism, Madagascar is underdeveloped and the number of arrivals is rather decreasing. In the mid-1990s, tourism in Madagascar was the country’s second-largest export, but the tourism industry was badly damaged in late 2001 due to a political crisis and the ensuing economic recession. The number of tourists in 2002 fell sharply. Since then the industry is slowly resuming its growth even if the number of tourists does not increase.

 This red island is nevertheless one of the richest areas of the planet in terms of biodiversity, with many endemic species. A magical and authentic destination of incredible natural wealth.

5. Ethiopia

Long inaccessible, this timeless country is opening up more and more to tourism from all over the world. It has landscapes so vast that you will feel alone in the world in the heart of its breathtaking canyons. It’s definitely a region of the world neglected by mass tourism and as long as it doesn’t change too much.

Cradle of humanity and kingdom of the Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia has an incredible cultural and historical richness! The Abyssinian Empire dazzled by its dense cultural and architectural heritage, the churches of Lalibela being the finest example. It is a country that also has breathtaking panoramas and biodiversity, crossed by the Great Rift Valley. An original trip that will offer you an unusual and indelible experience.



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